Fairy Circles: How Can It Be Explained? The Theory Is Proven.

Fairy Circles Theories and Mysteries

In the arid steppes of the Atlantic coast of southern Africa, so-called “ fairy circles” are often found, ranging in size from 2 to 40 meters. They consist of a ring of constantly green grass, which does not dry out in the dry season, and a bald spot devoid of any vegetation in the center. Circles can exist for up to 75 years, they appear and disappear for no apparent reason. The soil within the boundaries of the circle is completely devoid of vegetation, although along its perimeter there is lush grass that contrasts with the rest of the poor desert flora.


Surprisingly, the belt of such circles stretches from the south of Angola, across the Namib Desert, to South Africa, on the lands south of the Orange River. Circles are especially common in the Namib Rand Nature Reserve in the south of Namibia. In addition, these strange natural riddles were also met in other regions of the world.

Basic Theories

According to the beliefs of the Himba people, these circles are the work of the “hands” of the dragon, who lives underground and releases fire bubbles to the surface, burning all vegetation and forming circles of bare earth.

For 25 years, scientists have built various guesses and assumptions about the causes of the appearance of circles, but could not find an explanation for them. However, today quite reasonable theories have already been developed.

Scientists argue that the ” fairy circles” in Namibia, which remain one of the most important mysteries of biology, arise through the self-organization of grass. This hypothesis was proved based on a similar phenomenon discovered in Western Australia.

There is also the theory of German scientists that these circles are the result of sophisticated environmental engineering, in which the termites of the species Psammotermes allocerus are to blame. Circles are formed due to the activity of these creatures.

And this is a unique case when both theories have proven to be true. According to recent studies, Termites change the direction of water flow, which leads to the formation of dry areas surrounded by a ring of high grass. However, according to the simulation, inside the “ fairy circles” there may be bunches of grass creating a pattern in the ring. Thus, according to scientists, termites can create large-scale drawings, while plants “paint” smaller patterns.

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