The Taos Hum: Some Attempts to Explain This Phenomena

What Are the Main Assumptions That Explain the Taos Hum

Some natural phenomena cause genuine scientific interest, thanks to its inexplicability and mystery. These include the Taos Hum. Scientists and researchers have given this name to a low-frequency sound, distributed in different parts of the Earth. There were cases when the hum was distributed simultaneously in different places: in the north of Europe, Russia, on the British Isles.

Whence Legs Grow

The city of Taos in New Mexico, USA, is the epicenter of an unusual mystery. All the inhabitants of Taos locality suffer from this strange vibrating sound. Residents say that strange sounds emanate from somewhere in the depths of the Earth itself and are very similar to the noise from the operation of a powerful diesel engine at idle.

Today, this acoustic mystery of nature has not yet been solved by science. Although there are many different hypotheses about the causes of this hum, many of which sometimes go beyond all facets of reality.

Top Theories Explaining the Taos Hum

Here are some theories about the nature of this phenomenon. Some of them are quite reasonable, others do not have solid ground under themselves but still, have the right to be voiced.

Secret Test Result

During the research, scientists found that the mysterious rumble is heard not only in the city but also in the vicinity of Taos. Residents complained that in addition to constant irritation, they developed insomnia, increased blood pressure, there were cases of nosebleeds. Most of the respondents accused the military of conducting secret tests near New Mexico. However, the Ministry of Defense denied this.

Just Hallucinations

A small percentage of people who have heard the buzz lead scientists to think that people with a unique, sensitive hearing have heard it. And it can also be an ordinary auditory hallucination. Such hallucinations do not necessarily indicate any kind of mental illness or abnormality, they may simply be the result of general (and safe for health) psychological and physiological processes. It is also worth noting that some “hearers” of Taos hum continued to report mysterious sounds even when they left the area.

Special Abilities

Nowadays, some people have developed unique abilities to perceive noises that have become mandatory elements of modern society. In support of their theory, scientists say that every day our civilization creates more and more electronic noise or background, a person uses more and more wireless devices, and all of them, in fact, are transmitters of electromagnetic fields. For some reason, some of the locals learned to hear these sounds, and this caused their discomfort.

Melting Glaciers

Some researchers associate mysterious noises with the process of melting glaciers caused by global warming. When the existing bond between the hydrogen atoms is broken, crackling occurs. No equipment can catch these sounds, however, when the number of such gaps is in the millions or even billions, a mystical hum arises, heard in various parts of the planet.

The Coming Apocalypse

The part of the population that is sure of the end of the world believes that anomalous sound phenomena are the sound of Jericho pipes announcing the approach of the Apocalypse. So they explain the wide distribution of this hum, recorded in different parts of the world, and its inherent characteristics. This hum seems to come out of nowhere, its sources are unclear, but at the same time, it fills the whole space, harassing people.

Marketing trick

Skeptics, seeing no real evidence of any of the theories, are inclined to believe that the Taoist hum is simply a skillful advertising campaign conducted by Hollywood producers. In recent years, several Apocalypse films have been shot in America. This happened against the backdrop of the predictions of the Maya tribe, which were very popular topics for discussion in the press. To further stir up the interest of viewers to their paintings, the creators invented the Taos noise that caused such a resonance.

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