Northern Lights: What Is Its Nature and Why Is It Dangerous?

Northern Lights: Its Nature and Danger

Northern Lights is one of the most beautiful light phenomena in nature, so they have attracted attention throughout the history of mankind. In the Middle Ages, this phenomenon was perceived as a sign of Divine Providence, which did not bode well for people and promised all sorts of misfortunes. For example, this phenomenon was associated with the fall of Jerusalem and the death of Julius Caesar.

In any case, people interpreted this as a manifestation of the wrath of the gods or other supernatural forces. And even nowadays, people believe that this is not good. World history confirms that natural disasters and countless wars accompany these dark prophecies. Today, the mystic of the Northern Lights no longer has the same power, but it has remained a mysterious phenomenon that fascinates people and about which very little is known.

Where It Is Possible to See This

The Northern Lights most often appear at high latitudes near the magnetic North Pole, but during its maximum activity, it can be observed significantly south of the polar circle. However, this rarely happens, and the aurora usually occurs only within or near the Arctic Circle, in Alaska, Canada, and Norway.

If you watch the northern lights from Earth, you can see how the dark sky begins to glow with different shades, moving along it the colored stripes and rays. The duration of this phenomenon may be different, from several minutes (hours) to several days.

Interesting fact: The Earth is not the only planet where there is the northern lights. On Jupiter, the heavens around the North Pole are blazing even grander.

Why Do Northern Lights Arise?

Through many years of observation, the close relationship between solar activity and the occurrence of auroras has been established. As soon as an explosion occurs on the Sun, a stream of charged particles, the so-called “solar wind”, rushes to Earth.

When reaching the Earth there is a collision of particles of the solar wind with the atmosphere. As a result, the atoms and molecules of gases are excited and begin to emit light. This is how the aurora appears.

The Danger of the Northern Lights

Everyone at least once in his life would like to see the Northern Lights. But the number of those who go on a journey to admire this phenomenon, and underestimates the northern winter, is increasing. In Iceland, for example, more foreigners than local residents have died on the roads over the past two years, and the Northern Lights is one of the reasons.

Many tourists suddenly press the car brake when they see the Northern Lights in order to take pictures, and thus create emergency situations. In addition, the weather in these regions is very changeable and dangerous. This complicates the situation on the roads even more.

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