Sailing Stones: Why Are They Moving?

Sailing Stones: Why Are They Moving?

Despite the fact that humanity is moving towards unprecedented progress, the Universe is in no hurry to reveal its secrets. For example, something phenomenal occurs in Death Valley in the USA. This place is located in California and is bordered by the state of Nevada. Here the stones move by themselves and leave traces, despite the fact that no one touches them and sets their direction of movement. What forces control sailing stones in this case?


Mysterious Death Valley

The Death Valley owes its shallow name to the numerous settlers of the mid-nineteenth century, striving to get to California, where at that time the “golden boom” took place and numerous gold mines were opened. Many seekers of a better life could not overcome these spaces and they remained here forever, and the survivors gave these edges such hopeful names as Death Valley, Funeral Ridge, and Last Chance ridge …

This place has long attracted the gaze of people. Almost everyone wants to see firsthand the ancient stones, which lie at the bottom of an old lake that has dried out.

Top Ideas to Explain the Sailing Stones

It seems that such boulders should interest only bearded geologists, but this is not quite so. Considering that the imperturbable stones are moving, they are equally curious to the scientists and tourists. The irrefutable fact is that the human eye cannot see the movement.

Because of this, scientists have put forward several theories about why this is happening. The explanations may be as follows:

  • Earthquakes. Due to excessive seismic activity, the movement of stones occurs.
  • Winds They are very strong, especially in winter. True, many people understand that such a wind is unable to move a large boulder.
  • Temperature fluctuations. In the daytime, the pebbles heat up and grow larger. At night, the volume of their volume decreases, mainly from the north.
  • Mud. With regular rains, the clay at the bottom of the lake gets wet. Because of this, even large boulders can slide.
  • Ice. After rains the water usually freezes. A thin ice crust appears, and the stones slide along such a “rink”.

The Comprehensive and Most Valid Theory

In 2014, scientists led by paleobiologist Richard Norris reported that they had discovered the secret of moving stones in Death Valley. They published the results of their research in the journal PLoS ONE. The researchers note that the movement of stones is influenced by several factors, primarily – daily temperature drops in winter, the coastal wind and the nature of the soil at the bottom of the lake. Meanwhile, the authors note that the low thickness of the ice crust is compensated by the large size of the ice beds and often small distances to which the stones move.

Scientists suggest that climate change also affects the movement of objects. In their opinion, due to general warming, such movements began to occur less frequently. But in order to be always informed about upcoming weather changes, we kindly advice to install the weather API on your website and keep track of all the situations.

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