The Rainbow of Fire and Places Where It Becomes Possible to See It

The Rainbow of Fire: Is It Possible to See It with Your Eyes

In fact,  the rainbow of fire is neither rainbow, no fire, it is still a phenomenon of amazing beauty. This phenomenon is called the “rainbow of fire” for the soft colors of the rainbow and the shape of a flame. Scientists characterize this as a horizontally horizontal arc – a radiance that is formed when a cluster of six-sided, flat ice crystals in the upper balls of the atmosphere.

Nature of Physical Phenomenon

From the point of view of physics, a fiery rainbow is formed by hexagonal ice crystals in the form of a plate in high-level clouds. The halo is so large that the arc seems parallel to the horizon, hence the corresponding name. The following conditions must be met for the occurrence of a phenomenon:

  • First, the sun should be at a height of 58 degrees above the horizon.
  • cirrus clouds must be in the sky;
  • flat hexagonal ice crystals in the clouds should be placed horizontally.

The effect of the fiery rainbow occurs due to the fact that the sun’s rays pass through the facets of crystals and in certain places begin to refract, contributing to the appearance of the color spectrum. It gives such a visual effect, which is a great rarity to observe.

Where Can You See It

You can see such a rainbow around noon if the sun is at least 57.8 degrees or ideally 67.9 degrees above the horizon. This means that you will not be able to see this in winter, and it also means that geographical latitude is a key factor. The closer you are to the North, the less likely you are to see it.

For example, in Houston (Texas, USA) the sun is high enough, and you can observe a fiery rainbow of 745 hours per year compared to Paris, where only for 230 hours there are suitable conditions for its appearance. Further north, in Copenhagen, Denmark (55 ° N. Sh.), it is possible to observe this phenomenon if one ascends a decent height, for example, a mountain.

If you have ever seen a fiery rainbow above you, you can consider yourself a real lucky one. Therefore, the main thing is to have time to make a cherished desire. It is only with the help of photos, you can admire the rare natural phenomenon for hours. And the fiery rainbow is in the sky for a very short time and even then, can be visible only in some areas. For example, over the past few years, residents of Idaho and New Jersey have seen a rainbow of fire just once. And it was in 2008.

However, the rainbow of fire should not be confused with shimmering clouds, which can produce a similar effect. In contrast, iridescence often occurs in altocumulus, cirrocumulus clouds, and biconvex clouds. The rainbow arcs can be so huge that it seems that they cover the whole sky.

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