Naga Fireballs: Is It an Old Mystery or Just Gaseous Accumulation?

How Naga Fireballs Appear: The Essence of the Mystery

Despite the ever-increasing level of technology development, there are unexplained, little-studied phenomena in nature. One of these phenomena is Naga fireballs. For many centuries, the locals remained silent and did not tell anyone about this miracle. They still believe that the balls are released by a huge snake Naga with seven heads that lives in the waters of the Mekong. Now a lot of tourists come to the Naga fireball festival.

And scientists are actively exploring a rare phenomenon. They believe that the balls are combustible natural gases that rise from the muddy bottom.

The Essence of the Phenomenon and Location

The considered natural phenomenon occurs on the Mekong River near the town of Nong Kai, located in the north of Thailand. Fireballs having predominantly red, orange or pink color appear and move up above the surface of the river. However, eyewitnesses also note the formation of light-green balls. Having risen a few meters the balls silently disappear. Although sometimes the movement of the ball is accompanied by a faint whistle. The duration of the flight of the ball is not great and is 5-7 seconds. The ball moves slowly with slight acceleration. The sizes of balls of Naga do not exceed one meter.

Most often, this phenomenon occurs over the Mekong River, but there are cases when their appearance occurred in small rivers and ponds. These places may seem exotic at first glance, but they are also densely populated, houses are full of people, roads are built, and they have all the other attributes of ordinary civilized life. The phenomenon of Naga balls and the snake as its possible source in the past has not been studied in such detail, nor has it been so carefully documented as it is now.

Studies of the Phenomenon

Unlike most of the unknown phenomena, Naga fireballs were seen by thousands of people, and they were filmed on modern video and photo equipment.

Although most locals believe in a mythical explanation of mysterious balls, the Thai government has decided that scientists should be involved in the process of studying the phenomenon. Thanks to these efforts, a group of the best scientists of Thailand was created, which was involved in the process of scientific study of the myth. Some scientists’ assumptions stated that the gas that comes out of the lake could be to blame for the phenomenon. According to them, when the gas reaches the surface of the water, it starts to burn and rises into the air like a torch. It is noteworthy that the locals say that before these balls were much smaller in size, their glow color was mostly white, and they rose just a few meters above the water.

Is Mystification Impossible?

Lao people do not believe that someone could falsify this phenomenon. Sometimes the balls rise out of the water in very secluded places, and the organizer of fraud has very little chance that someone will notice his “creation”. Once fireballs were spotted overnight on a long stretch of river 45 kilometers. The river was viewed by hundreds of people for a long time, and in such conditions, it was very difficult to fake such a phenomenon without being caught red-handed. At the moment, scientists have not provided a concrete solution to the dispute about the source of the mysterious balls. Although it should be recognized that if the phenomenon is a hoax, then it is very well organized and planned, as thousands of people believe in it.

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