The Crimson Fog: Truth or Fiction

Some Scientific and Fantastic Theories about the Crimson Fog

Ancient historical sources store descriptions of numerous “heavenly signs” that are supposedly observed by various nations many times. Now it is often impossible to determine where there is the truth, and where is the fiction. This statement is also true for the phenomenon of the crimson fog.

People have long known about this from fantastic books or scientific publications. Scientists have already proved that the crimson fog does exist, but the reason for its appearance is unknown. The Novosibirsk engineer Vadim Fedoseev collided with this mysterious phenomenon during the taiga expedition of Novosibirsk and Tomsk physicists in the late summer of 1980. At that time he headed a small group of 11 scientific workers whose goal was to study the area of the fall of the famous Tunguska meteorite.

Such Different Theories

Some experts argue that it should be classified as the most unusual natural phenomena, others believe that it is the product of anomalous zones, and others refer the crimson fog to the tricks of aliens.

Some scientists believe that this phenomenon is similar to the northern lights, only for some reason it occurs in warmer regions and at a low altitude. But there are many opponents of this theory. Firstly, it was not explained from a physical point of view how such a thing could happen. And secondly, there are quite a few cases when the crimson fog behaved like a UFO, and not like a natural phenomenon.

There are witnesses when the crimson fog hovered over the roof of the house, and then took the form of a flying saucer and disappeared. Could this be the tricks of extraterrestrial civilizations? Ufologists, supporters of this version of the occurrence of purple fog, are confident that the result of the activities of a UFO was seen by the above-mentioned researchers of the Tunguska meteorite. In confirmation of their words, ufologists again remind us that, in the opinion of many, the Tunguska meteorite is a fallen alien ship.

A number of scientists believe that the crimson fog inside has “holes”, through which in an instant you can move over long distances. And allegedly evidence of this are numerous cases of disappearances of people in the fog. Other supporters of fantastic versions of the occurrence of crimson fog believe that it helps to move not only in space but also in time.

However, there are also more substantiated and scientific versions of the occurrence of purple fog. Some experts believe that it happens when a strong geomagnetic surge occurs from the depths of the Earth due to tectonic plate oscillations. Physicists and researchers of anomalous phenomena have an assumption that the cause of its appearance is chemiluminescence — radiation created by chemical reactions.

Only time will tell which of the specialists has developed the correct theory. And we can only choose the version in which we want to believe more.

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