Some Discoveries Made in the Veil of Cosmic Fog

What Do Scientists See in Cosmic Fog

Since people have learned that the stars are not attached to the heavenly firmament, but in fact are the light of distant luminaries and that the vast expanses of space are behind them, the thirst for discoveries has increased several times. Without fully discovering or exploring the Earth, we are drawn to distant exoplanets and the twins of the Sun, strange quasars, and even stranger black holes.  The tireless mind of man is trying to solve all the mysteries of the cosmos and, together with their solution, is confronted with an even greater number of riddles and questions that are still waiting for their time. Cosmic fog is one of these secrets. Here are just some of the findings of scientists.

Cosmic Fog Hides the Most Ancient Galaxies

One of the main aspirations of science fiction has always been the desire to reach and colonize other galaxies and planets. At present, there are still no technologies that allow reaching even the neighboring stars, but astronomers, using the Hubble space telescope, have discerned the most ancient galaxies in the haze of cosmic fog in the history of observations of the Universe.

The light of the most distant of them flew to Earth for 13.29 billion years. The seven detected galaxies belong to the middle of the reionization epoch when the age of the Universe was no more than 500 million years. So far, only a few objects belonging to this period have been discovered. Researchers call their work “the deepest archaeological excavations” in the entire history of space observations.

Cosmic Fog Could Cause Life on Earth

Stanford University scientists have put forward a new theory of the appearance of life on Earth.The new version is that the cosmic fog could bring organic organisms onto our planet. Scientists have found complex organic matter formed during the formation of the solar system, in sections of two meteorites. These organisms could contribute to the emergence of life on Earth.

What Next

Science has repeatedly shown how pitiful and insignificant we are. But thanks to this, we were able to learn a lot about the Universe and its secrets related to the formation of different types of stars, galaxies and many amazing phenomena. Massive galaxies, destroying themselves, then to be reborn again; black holes, which unexpectedly do not absorb, but help the stars located next to them to form and electromagnetic processes, thanks to which potential food for extraterrestrial microbes is created and other amazing events, phenomena and forces make the Universe one-of-a-kind.  

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