Gulf Stream Changed Direction

The scientists proved that the Gulf Stream changed its direction. Now it does not reach Svalbard but veers to Greenland. Such a situation contributes to the warm weather in the American continent, but it “freezes” northern Siberia.

The first person, who told about the situation of Gulf Stream, was Dr Gianluigi Zangari, an Italian theoretical physicist, and major complex and chaotic systems analyst at the Frascati National Laboratories in Italy. In 2010, based on the satellite data of Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research (CCAR) the physicist specified the stop of the water spinning in the Gulf of Mexico and split the Gulf Stream into parts.

Some facts from the past

Gulf Stream was an important part of the thermohaline circulation and the key element of the thermoregulation of our planet. It isolated England and Ireland from the being a glacier. Gulf Stream smoothed the climate in the Scandinavian countries.

After the report of Dr Zangari, Canadian Parliament created a committee for the exploring the real situation of Gulf Stream. The experts of this committee put the special dye into the depth of the ocean and such a way tracked the streams of the water motion. Gulf Stream was not detected.

According to the research, the current moved on 800 miles to the east of the former Gulf Stream. It means that the power of the evaporation increased in the warm zone above the ocean.

Consequences of such a change

Why is this important to all life on the planet? The Gulf Stream is a strong interlinked component of the Earth’s global network of ocean conveyor currents, which drive the planet’s weather systems.

“The real worry”, – says Dr Zangari, – “is that that there is no historical precedent for the sudden replacement of a natural system, with a dysfunctional man-made system. That is, except for the atomic bomb blasts and contamination as a result of nuclear waste and nuclear plant accidents, such as the April 1986, Chernobyl disaster.”

Concerning with the motion of the current, the experts believe that heavy snowfalls will occur in West Europe, in Russia, the temperature will reach -45°C in winter and the territories of American continent will suffer from the hurricanes.

In general, the climate will change everywhere. Thus, according to the weather data, many states of the USA suffer from the sudden cold.

Now, Gulf Stream diverged for 800 km to Greenland.


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