Ocean Influences Climate Change

Climate change was detected first in XIX century. Exactly during this period, the temperature on the surface of Earth started to increase.

At the beginning of XIX century, the freezing of the large rivers was the usual phenomenon. However, in XX century the area of Arctic glaciers decreased. That is why the new northern sea routes were made. The shipping developed in the Greenland Sea and the Barents Sea.

The number of glaciers decreased in the mountains and the territories of the permafrost began to dwindle. In the USA and former USSR, the droughts became to be the usual phenomenon. Such a situation led to the change of flora and fauna in many regions.

The rapid warming stopped in the middle of XX century. However, the Arctic glaciers began to “grow” again.

The scientists consider human’s activity as the main reason for the climate change. Nowadays, most of the countries try to change the policy of using natural resources and industrial technologies. Many politicians and influential people pay their attention to the climate and weather because it completely influences human’s lives on Earth.

The experts believe that the ocean is the only thing that can substantially slacken or speed up the process of the climate change.

The giant water column gets warm in the shallow. Even on the equator, the water temperature is circa +3 °C in the water column 1500 m. Obviously, to change the temperature in the ocean it needs a lot of energy. During the rapid warming that took place in XX century, the active motion of air masses began. Strong winds brought warm surface layer from water mixing it with cold layers. As a result, in 1951 the temperature of the ocean decreased by 0,3 °C. Such a situation led to the numerous hurricanes, cold winters and droughts.

This is a scientific fact that the amount of carbon dioxide increases every year. However, in spite of the pessimistic predictions about global warming, most of the experts have optimistic outlooks. The temperature changes of oceanic water columns happen very slowly. It means that on the surface the odds of the sharp and constant temperature peak is small. Probably, like in the middle of XX century, many abnormal weather phenomena will take place in XXI century, but when the ecological system gets to balance, everything will be fine again.


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