Marine Problems: Pollution in the World Ocean

In spite of the large area of the World Ocean, the concentration of pollution is very high and dangerous there. Nowadays, the problem of the water pollution increases every year. The international experts of WWF counted the amount of waste. It became clear that every year the World Ocean gets as mush pollutions as it contained 50 years ago. Water cannot dissolve the toxic agents, so these agents infiltrate into the food chains and concern with people.

Until the 1970s radioactive, pesticide and chemical waste fell into the World Ocean. First time in 1972 in London the international Agreement was made. This agreement forbade the emission of many substances into the World Ocean. Later, in 1996 this list was added and extended.

The biggest source of pollution in the ocean is directly from land-based sources, such as oil, dirt, septic tanks, farms, ranches, motor vehicles, among larger sources. Thousands of tons of waste and trash are dumped into the ocean on a daily basis

Danger for a human

Toxic elements fall into the water, influence the plankton and accumulate in it in the huge concentration that is much higher than the concentration of the toxic elements in the environment. Plankton is the main food for fish, jellyfish and polyps. Therefore, the next link in the food chain will be toxic.  Animals and people are the highest links in the chain. That is why this is a dangerous situation for people because they get the most concentrated toxins than in water and soil environment. Such a situation is with the animals. The animals higher up the food chain, such as seals, can have contamination levels millions of times, higher than the water in which they live.

Fat layer keeps the poison by the best way, that is why fat sorts of wild fish are the most dangerous for the human. Eating wild fish, people should remember about the poisoning of the whole organism by toxins. It is very harmful to our health.

To make a conclusion, the pollution of the World Ocean concerns with every one of us, because the human suffers from the poison, which he wants to get rid of.


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