NASA Will Cool Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is famous for its breathtaking beauty. However, it is a well-known fact that the beauty of this volcano is only an outer sheath. Under it, the large tank of magma hides. According to the geologists of NASA, Yellowstone is a potential bomb that eventually will destroy everything.

Presently there are circa 20 known super-volcanoes all over the globe. Although its main eruptions take place once in circa 100 000 years, however, the consequences of such eruptions are terribly devastating.

In 2012, at the request of the United Nations, the experts modelled the situation of the eruption of Yellowstone. According to the programme calculations, after the disaster, the global food supplies will decline. There will be the amount of food enough only for 74 days.

At the same time, NASA offers the solution to this problem. To hold the magma under control, NASA suggests cooling the volcano.

Nowadays, circa 60-70% of the warmth enter the atmosphere, presenting us these wonderful springs and geysers. However, the rest of the warmth stays inside and heats the volcanic rock, making the stone melt and exude the explosive gases. At that time, when the balance between methane and oxygen reaches a definite level – the explosion will be inevitable.

That is why; NASA considers that the best way to struggle against the warmth accumulation is to pump water into the magmatic tank under the high pressure. Such a way it will be possible to cool the explosive tank.

This method is pretty efficient, considering the last events. The volcano Yellowstone has moved to a new active phase since summer, current year. The activity of the volcano does not expire until now and several neighbouring states and regions suffer from the regular earthquakes.

Nevertheless, it is very expensive to pump water into the volcano at a depth of 10 kilometres. According to the calculations, it will cost circa 3,46 billion dollars. However, further, this process can be even profitable. When water falls into the magmatic tank, it heats to the temperature +350 ° C. It will allow using this water as a working body of the geothermal power station. Such a way the dangerous volcano will produce very cheap electricity.

Presently, this project was discussed and NASA prepares all the necessary drawings.



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