Space Disaster That Will Destroy Earth

What kind of the space disaster should take place to destroy all living on our planet? Such a question asked the group of American astrophysicists in their article in Scientific Reports.

It is a well-known fact that Earth went through 5 periods when the mass extinction of flora and fauna took place. For example, 65 million years ago some asteroid fell in the district of Gulf of Mexico. Because of this accident, circa 75% of all the living species died including dinosaurs.

However, presently the scientists made a conclusion that for the destroying of our planet it needs larger disaster and complete evaporation of the oceans.

What can destroy life on Earth?

First of all, the authors counted the amount of energy that will be needed for the heating the whole water on Earth over 100 °C. There are 6×1026 J that is 1 million times higher than the annual consumption of the whole energy by the humankind.

Afterwards, the scientists found out that as a reason for the similar disaster can be only the collision of Earth and a giant asteroid like 4 Vesta or 2 Pallas.

There are also other reasons of the destroying Earth like an explosion of the supernova or the sudden splash of space gamma rays.

Nevertheless, the probability of such accidents is very low, notes Avi Loeb, one of the authors of the research from Harvard University. The thing is that such asteroids never draw upon Earth rotating between Mars and Jupiter.

Who will survive the space disaster?

The scientists found out that theoretically, the microscopic invertebrates are capable of surviving such a catastrophe. These organisms can bear the temperature -20 °C during 30 years, can stay alive in liquid oxygen by -193 °C during 20 months. The invertebrates will survive the temperatures +60 – 65°С for 10 hours and +100°С for 1 hour and also the gamma rays exposure.

The experts made a conclusion that life on Earth is a very sustainable phenomenon. It can survive almost all the cataclysms like global warming and nuclear war that can be a result of the human’s actions.


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