Hurricane Harvey: Consequences in the USA

Last Saturday Hurricane Harvey took place in Houston. The hurricane took the lives of 30 people and became the first big testing for the local inhabitants.

The second day of this disaster became the living embodiment of the devastating scenario of the situation. Incessant rain, floods, people in the boats in the streets, desperate attempts to arrange the centres for those, who lost the shelter and chaos – all this became real during last Sunday in Texas. Such events reminded the same ones in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The experts suppose that global warming can cause such a big-scale disaster.


30 people became victims of Hurricane Harvey. It is hard to count the number of destroyed and flooded houses. The lifeguards saved more than 13 000 people. Even National Weather Service is shocked by the disaster’s scale.

“Local rainfall amounts of 50 inches would exceed any previous Texas rainfall record. The breadth and intensity of this rainfall are beyond anything experienced before…”, – ascertained National Weather Service in its Twitter.

The Governor of Texas Greg Abbott asserted that circa 250 highways are overlapped.

“Now more than 250 highways and roads are overlapped in Texas”, said Abbot, noticing that roads are closed in those zones that might be flooded.

“Harvey has brought one of the worst floods Houston has ever had”, – added the Governor.

Harvey: hardship for Houston

Sylvester Turner, mayor of Houston asserted about closing large highways and roads. Such a hurricane became the first disaster of such a large scale in the modern history of the city. American mass media call the flood as a real catastrophe. Last Saturday circa 508 mm of precipitations fell in Houston. The NWS predicted the increase of the precipitations during further days.

Most of the institutions are closed. It was necessary to turn off the electricity in most of the flooded districts.  A local conference centre is temporarily a place for those people who lost the shelter.


However, Sylvester Turner stands by his decision not to evacuate America’s fourth-largest city.

“You cannot evacuate 6.5 million people within two days. You cannot. That would be chaotic,” Houston’s Mayor said at a press conference.

It was chaotic and deadly in September 2005 when 2.5 million Houstonians evacuated from Hurricane Rita. In the gridlock, more than 100 evacuees died dozens from heat stroke.

With Harvey, Houstonians stayed put, and thousands have had to save themselves and ended up in crowded shelters.

Now, the Mayor imposed the curfew to prevent robberies and looting.


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