Amazon Jungles Trigger Rain

Amazon woods have own strange climate zone and are important for the climate regulation. Most of the people used to check weather forecasts by the simple way: websites and weather applications. However, it does not work with the Amazon area, because the weather, especially rain depends not on the winds or type of climate there, but on trees.

The thing is that rainy period starts in Amazon woods before 2-3 months the season winds bring the streams of the humid air. So how can rain start then? The group of experts assert that trees make rain by its own.

Previous research shows that there is a surplus of humidity in the atmosphere above the Amazon region. However, the scientists could not find the real reason for this phenomenon. The data from the satellite demonstrate the coincidence of the increase of water vapour with the greening of the tropic wood. As a result, the amount of green foliage increased. The researchers think that excess humidity can be provoked by the particles of water that exude during the photosynthesis. This phenomenon is called transpiration, or gaseous exchanges. During the breathing, the plants exude the water vapour out of the small pores on the bottom side of the leaves.

Dr Rong Fu, climatologist and professor in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences Department at UCLA, assumed that exuded humidity could be enough for the forming of the subpar clouds above Amazon. Along with the colleagues, she explored water vapour in this region with help of the satellite NASA Aura. It explores the chemical content of the atmosphere on Earth.  Humidity evaporated from the ocean is more lightweight than dense water vapour evaporated by the plants. That happens because the water molecules containing deuterium stay in oceanic water and plants suck water from the soil and exude it without changes of the isotopic composition. That is why plants’ vapours are much heavier.

NASA Aura proved these assumptions: humidity of the jungles really contains a lot of deuterium.

The concentration of deuterium is too high to explain the surplus of humidity by the accidental wind from the ocean”, – says Dr Rong Fu.

The biggest content of deuterium was noticed during the driest season when the photosynthesis is the most active.

Why is it important for the global climate?

According to Dr Rong Fu and her colleagues, such a situation can cause the change of the steady schemes of the air streams and increase the humidity inflow from the ocean. Therefore, the plants are very important for the rainy period and can by its own trigger the rain if needed.


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