Unusual Weather Conditions Will Persist in 2017

World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) predicts a continuation of the unusual and extreme weather phenomena in 2017. As we know, 2016 was the warmest year during the whole history of climate observation. Such a thing happened because of global warming. WMO reported it in the published declaration in Geneva.

“2016 showed us the record index of the global temperature, the low length of the sea ice, relentless increase in the sea level and enthalpy of the ocean”, – say the meteorologists. They are convinced that similar weather conditions will persist in 2017.

According to the explanation of David Karlson, the director of World Meteorological Organisation, even without strong current of El Niño in 2017 “there are significant changes all over the globe”, which are incomprehensible for meteorologists of the climate system. “Nowadays we are on the unexplored territory”, – said David Karlson.

The experts of WMO noticed that last winter they observed “polar equivalent of the heat wave” at least three times in Antarctica. Such a phenomenon appeared as a result of the inflow of the warm humid air because of powerful Atlantic storms. The length of the Antarctic sea ice was at the record low level. During February the meteorologists recorded 11 743 heat thermal records. Many regions of Australia were affected because of the long-term and extreme heat in January and February. At the same time, it was very cold in the several areas of the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.

According to WMO data, the average temperature increased by 1,1 °C in 2016 and by 0,06 °C in 2015. The specialists explain it such a way that powerful phenomenon of El Niño of 2015-2016 “reinforced the warming in 2016 and changed the climate because of the greenhouse gas emissions”. The experts of WMO believe that human’s influence on the climate system becomes more obvious.



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