Annual Reserves of Earth Will Be Exhausted in a Week

The humankind is a debtor of the Earth: it gives all necessary for life resources to people. Nevertheless, people use it very wasteful. In 2017 after August 2 our planet will give its inhabitants the whole annual reserve and then they will live on credit for the next years.

In the end of XX century, the ecologists counted the level of human’s using the Earth resources. Indeed, people use more and more reserves every year. During the research, the term “Day of the ecological debt” appeared. The Global Footprint Network defines it. This day comes, when the annual amount of the used resources is higher than the amount that Earth can restore. Usually, people put into the atmosphere much more carbon dioxide than the forests and ocean can absorb. They fish and cut down the forests faster than it can restore.

In 1987 at the first time, the ecologists defined the Day of the ecological debt. It was December 19. It means that until December 31 people used the reserves on credit. Nevertheless, the date moves very quickly. In 2016, it was on August 8 and in 2017, this day is already August 2.

Moreover, many countries use their natural resources long before this date. The experts of Overshoot Day made the rating of the consumption. Thus, Luxemburg, Qatar and Australia are the most “wasteful” countries. Moldova, Georgia, Honduras and South Sudan consume natural resources according to their possibilities.

According to the WWF analytics, 68% of the ecological footprint is concerned with the carbon dioxide emissions. Other 20% of the ecological footprint is concerned with the stuff that destroys unique landscapes with the rare and endangered species of animals.

Thus, if nothing changes, until 2030 the humankind will need two planets for the living. Hopefully, people will think about it.


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