10 Unsettling Facts about Sustainable Development of Our Planet

Technological progress made a significant impulse during the last centuries. Nevertheless, looking for the weather data or the last news in social media in the modern smartphone, people just forget what happens to our planet. The United Nations is worried about the situation, which takes place in the sustainable development. Recently, the UN published some important facts that can make the humankind to change the trajectory.

Freshwater and electricity

More than 1 billion people do not have access to the fresh water. Every fifth human still does not have the access to electricity.

The level of the World Ocean

The World Ocean’s level increased by 19 cm between 1901 and 2010. It happens because of the global warming and melting ice.

Sanitation and connection

One-third of the people do not have the access to the main services of the sanitation like toilet and bathroom. Circa 1,5 billion people still do not have any access to the mobile connection.

The depletion of soils and slums

In 2008 degradation and depletion of soils influenced 1,5 billion people on the whole planet. Also, there are circa 828 million people live in slums and its number keep increasing.

Medicine and Pharmaceutics

80% of all the people living in the rural area use the traditional medicine. They treat different plants for the providing medical care. AIDS is the main reason of death among the teenagers in Africa.

Hunger and education

In the developing countries, 66 million children go to the classes being hungry. In general, 121 million children do not go to school in 2014. As for the countries with the conflicts, there are 50% of all the kids stopped to go to the primary school at all.

Increase of unemployment

The global unemployment increases every year. For example, in 2007 there were 170 million unemployed men, and in 2012 (only in 5 years) already 202 million.

Climate change

Energy is the dominated factor for the climate change. Circa 60% of the common volume of the greenhouse gas emissions produce exactly because of the power generation.

Child mortality

In the developing countries, only half of the pregnant women can get the recommended medical care. You can only imagine, what is the child mortality in the less-developed countries.

The World Ocean pollution

40% of the World Ocean depends on the human’s activity. It is concerning with the pollution, uncontrolled fishing and deprivation of the sea creatures of their habitat all over the planet.



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