Supervolcanos: What to Expect?

Volcano possesses enormous destructive power. In II millennium BCE Santorini destroyed all the Minoan civilisation, the eruption of Mount Vesuvius destroyed three Roman cities in 79. Sakurajima is an active composite volcano on the Japanese island. The whole volcano is 1000 m high. In 1914 the volcano erupted, lava filled the strait between the island and the continent. Such an accident led to the separation of the island and now it is a peninsula. However, volcanos can also benefit from influencing all the life of our planet.

The volcanos are very important for the periodic cooling of the Earth. When the ash and sulphur dioxide flow into the air, they facilitate the reflection of the solar rays back to space and decrease the amount of heating energy absorbed by the atmosphere. This process is called “global blackout”. The scientist noticed that after large eruptions the temperature drops for several grades on the Earth. That is why they offered to use sulphur dioxide for the struggle against the global warming.

Also, the volcano eruptions produce valuable building materials like cement and plaster. Volcanic tuff is considered the strongest and lightest construction materials.

One more advantage is an inception of the geothermal fields with the relatively high heat flux. Except for the high popularity among the tourists, such places are also the valuable sources of the geothermal energy.

During the eruption a lot of ash flows, which settles in the wide area around the top. Depending on the chemical composition this ash contains different elements and minerals, which nourish the soil around the volcano. Thus, the soils are fertile here. For example, in Italy people gather the best harvests in the regions near Naples, where the Mount Vesuvius activity created the good conditions for plants and gardening at all.

Besides, the volcano eruptions lead to the uplifts the parts of the sea and ocean floor. As a result, new islands appear on the planet. For example, Hawaii was created by such eruptions.

Yellowstone Caldera based in the South-West of the USA is a giant volcanic caldera and supervolcano with the size 55×72 km. Its eruption will be a large catastrophe not only for the USA but also for the whole world.



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