Metropolises and Climate Change: We Need Modernization

Cities, where a half of the population of the Earth lives, become more and more vulnerable to the consequences of climate change. For example, when in 2012 Hurricane Sandy caused the awful mayhem in New York or widespread waterlogging in Jakarta, Bangkok and Manila.

Recently the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change presented a report about cities and greenhouse effect. According to the report, the cities must take part in the emission reduction of greenhouse gas, which leads to the climate change. In accordance with the statistic, 80 % of emissions of greenhouse gas into the atmosphere and 75% of consumption of electricity belong to the urban area.

The retrofitting process is one of the most important parts of the development of the urban ecosystem. If the cities follow this method, then the urban area will be more “green”. Such simple changes like heat insulation of walls and roofs, improved glazing of windows, energy-intensive illumination are capable to increase the quality of ecology in the city. Also, the houses of aerated concrete can improve the situation, because such buildings are more sustainable against a different natural disaster like earthquake or flood.

As a bright example is a city of Vancouver in Canada, where the local authorities mobilised 120 organisations and thousands of private persons for the campaign “The greenest city – 2020”. There are three main directions of the campaign: the emission reduction of the carbon dioxide, the decrease of industrial waste and the development of the ecosystem. Canadian metropolis is planning to halve the amount of solid waste and reducing by 50% of the using the private vehicles. As an option, the citizens can walk by feet, ride a bicycle or go by the public transportation.

The local government of Bristol and Birmingham (Great Britain) strategized the method of emission reduction of carbon dioxide. English people are convinced that until 2020 the emissions will be reduced by 40 % in comparison of the indices in 2005. People install solid fuel boilers and solar panels in non-residential buildings.

Michael Bloomberg, ex-mayor of New York City, unveiled the project of the protection the city from floods, concerned with climate change. The construction of dams and portable barriers against storm will help citizens to cope with the natural disasters.



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