The Main Rules of Acclimatisation

Mostly, summer is a period of vacations. During that time, everyone wants to find himself in some corner of paradise and to rest from the city bustle. That is why many people go to the warm countries to relax on a beach and swim in the crystal clear water. However, the climate is different everywhere and planning to visit any country or resort we should know about acclimatisation. Doubtless, everyone wants to feel good after vacation so it will be useful to know some simple rules how to acclimatise in a foreign country.

Well, here are the rules:

  • Before planning your journey, you should lead active healthy lifestyle and strengthen the immunity. You need to eat foodstuff rich vitamin C.

  • Those, who suffer from the pressure differentials, need to visit a doctor first. If you are going to go to a country with the large difference in time zones, the acclimatisation will be harder for you.
  • You should try to find out more data about climate and weather in that country you are going to visit. In those regions, where the air is dry, you will be able to acclimatise faster and easier than in the tropics with the high humidity. The thing is that dry air can quickly cool your body, but humid air can impair the thermoregulation.
  • Being already in the resort, do not turn on the air conditioner on the full power in spite of the heat. For sure, it will be comfortable to be in the room with the temperature +20°C, but if you go outside, there will be +35°C or more. Such a temperature fluctuation can be dangerous for your health.
  • Be careful with the very cold beverages and cold shower. If you take a shower with the warm water, your cardiovascular system will not stress.

  • Try to refrain from the smoking, alcohol and fat food. Eat more fruits and berries, which contain vitamin C.
  • You should sunbathe until 11 a.m. and after 16 p.m. Cover your head from the sun and drink more water.

We hope that our simple pieces of advice will be useful for you and you can feel well anywhere you go.



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