Life and Weather: How to Overcome the Weather Sensitivity

Last time we face frequent weather changes. It is caused by the global warming and changing climate all over the world. Most of the people have to track regularly the weather data to be ready for different temperature extremes. Especially, the weather-sensitive people suffer from such climate changes. Our organism reacts pretty negatively to the various weather events.

Some people complain about malaise and headache, other – about pressure differentials or heart diseases. If the weather is cloudy too long, they can suffer from insomnia or depression.

Nowadays most of the people suffer from the meteosensitivity, among them are even children.

Geomagnetic disturbances occurring on the Earth are concerned with the solar flares. Unfortunately, the influence of the geomagnetic fluctuations on the human’s organism and health is not completely explored. However, it is a well-known fact that the reaction on the solar activity depends directly upon the current health condition of a human.

The doctors have developed the definite system of the recommendations for the weather-sensitive people:

  • During the days of the sharp weather changes do not load your organism with the heavy nutrition and alcohol. Do not eat sweetness, pickles and savouries. It will be better to refrain from coffee and other hard restorative beverages.
  • Try to avoid conflicts and stresses during these days.
  • Do not work hard. If it is possible, try to get some rest.
  • Those, who suffer from the cardiovascular diseases, should take medicines prescribed by the doctor and also the blood thinning medicine.
  • Those, who suffer from the diabetes mellitus, should also take pills prescribed by the doctor and watch the blood pressure.
  • Do not refuse of the walk in fresh air. Such a way your organism will be easier adapt to the weather conditions.
  • In the evening it will be perfect to take a bath.

If you want to overcome the weather sensitivity, you should also eat tasty, but health-giving food. It can be oranges or mandarins for example. To struggle against depression caused by the weather changes do not also forget about your favourite hobby. Try to communicate with your closed ones as more as possible. Such things raise a mood and give positive emotions.



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