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Weather data are very demanded in the modern high tech world. The various apps need some weather data to work steadily and concertedly. The reliability of such data is very important because the slightest blunder can lead to the catastrophic consequences.


So what apps use the weather data?

  1. Mobile weather forecast

Various weather forecast apps are pre-downloaded in the majority of the digital devices. Such kind of apps is widely used and rather popular. Planning weekends or holidays, the persons want to be sure that their rest will be perfect. In order to achieve it, the weather conditions should be taken into account.

  1. Tourists apps

Such apps offer the users not only the weather data but also profound information about different travel destinations. It can be hotels, resorts, and beaches. The traveller chooses the proper hotel and sees required weather data.

  1. Computer software for the shipping companies, bus and train stations

No one ship can put out to sea if the weather conditions are inappropriate. The unreliable weather data can cause the crashing of the ships and deaths of thousands of people. The same situation is with train and bus companies. They have to lay the safest routes possible. It can’t be done without weather data.

  1. Software for emergency services

The emergency services such as firemen and rescuers have to be ready for the extreme weather conditions. Special applications are used to predict the possible risks.

  1. Housing services and utilities

Like the emergency services, the co – workers of the utilities have to be ready to react to the bad weather conditions and to minimise the caused consequences.

  1. Agricultural complex

In order to get the greater harvest, the weather conditions should be taken into account. Specified apps or software are aimed at fertility improvement.

  1. Communication service

It’s well known that sometimes the weather conditions affects the signal level. To prevent the undesirable influence of the weather conditions, many companies use special software.


How It Works

On an input, we have data from weather stations, forecasts of meteorological services and scientific laboratories. These data remain in the proper database, and after processing by means of unique mathematical algorithms, they turn into the interpolated data on the current weather conditions all over the globe, as well as a set of maps with the weather data. And finally, it is provided  API to all data on weather, including maps with the weather conditions.


How to Look for Information with Apps

In order to find the necessary weather data with help of specified applications, you have to your search request. It can be

  • the name of city or cities
  • the geographic coordinates
  • the city ID or ZIP code

If you need data concerning the set of cities, the algorithm is the same.


Data Provided by Apps and Softwares

  • Current forecast
  • Historical extremes ( it means the highest and lowest temperatures, the strongest wind, etc.)
  • Location data
  • Time zone
  • Astrology

The number of available options depends on the type and goals of the apps.


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