A Weather-Controlling Technology

A huge interest for the problem of weather modification concerns with the increase of negative circumstances because of climate changes all around the world. People try to remove hurricanes, to prevent the storms or fires. It would be really great to use an effective weather-controlling technology to avoid different climate catastrophes.

Actually, human’s wish to control the weather appeared ages ago. But any ritual spells did not work. But nowadays people can not only use the weather data for examination and develop various applications but also they control the natural phenomena. There are a lot of methods and technologies to change the weather artificially.

Electrical methods

It is considered as the easiest way of the artificial weather modification. Specialists use an electric field to charge and overcharge the cloud elements. This way is used for stimulation or removal of precipitations.

Another electric method is effect by the electromagnetic field. This way is better than the first one. With help of electromagnetic fields, the experts warm definite parts of the ionosphere that leads to the different weather modifications. But we cannot ignore that fact that both electrical methods take a lot of electricity, which is not sparing. Such ways lead also to negative consequences in the atmosphere.

Cloud seeding

This technology is widespread in Russia, USA, China and other countries. People use such a method to enhance the rainfall, but it works only if there are a lot of clouds in the sky.

Air ionization

The specialists use this technique to ionise the air with the further triggering of vertical ion flux. It helps to control a number of precipitations.

The “Atlant” weather-controlling technology

This technology is based on the electrical method of weather modification. Many countries including Japan and Switzerland use “Atlant”. The most successful results achieved Australian company Australian Rain Corporation increased the level of precipitations in a dry district of Oman. This technology is used for controlling the level of rainfall (increase or decrease) and also for dispersal of fogs. Thus, “Atlant” helps to prevent water crisis and drought, to influence upon the temperature and atmospheric pressure and to effect on water streams.

Sometimes these technologies are used for military goals as a climate weapon. The military men apply such techniques to provoke the damaging weather against the enemies. The striking example is the project HAARP in the USA.

Anyway, it does not matter how we try to influence upon the weather conditions, we should first of all control human aspect of effecting on nature and climate. There are a lot of negative results of human’s activity like felling the trees, melioration, pollution of water and air and many others. The mankind should be just more careful concerning nature. And it is no doubt that such weather-controlling technology is very useful in good hands.



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