The Scientists Can Grow Vegetables on Mars

The natural resources of our planet become more and more exhausted. Nowadays it is easy to watch (thanks to the Internet data and various applications) how the climate and weather change every year. Earlier the experts thought about the life on other planets near Earth, but there were no living conditions for a human including air and opportunity to provide people with food.

In 2017 the scientists from Peru developed and successfully realised a project of growing the agricultural crops in the Martian soil. Thus, Peruvian specialists could grow potatoes in the conditions similar to Mars.

For the creation the exact Mars atmosphere the scientists used the following factors:

  1. Weather

They made a temperature regime in the laboratory conditions similar to the temperature on the red planet.

  1. Atmospheric pressure

It is one of the most important factors of influence the soil and growth of plants.

  1. Mars soil

Peruvian scientists remade the exact copy of the Martian soil.

  1. External environment

This factor influences maximally the producing of the agricultural crops. That is why the specialists created such the environment similar to the red planet.

  1. Light cycle

In Peru, potatoes were growing according to the exact Mars cycle of the day and night and to the light intensity similar to Mars.

Due to the thorough preparation, the scientists received the positive results. Potatoes have grown in such strict conditions without any damages and deviations.

Inasmuch as the field of the kitchen garden had a small size, all the actions for the sowing were done by hand. Thus, the use of the sowing system on Mars is still unexplored.

A prospect of the colonisation of Mars

The experts believe that the research of the farming on the red planet is very important and perspective for our future. Such an experiment is not a single one, now the scientists work on the growing of other agricultural crops. The main goal of such experiments is to develop a theoretical and then a practical base of the farming on Mars to provide the future colonists with the food. Peruvian scientists consider the idea of farming in such strict conditions very perspective. Moreover, the final goal of these projects is the acquisition of the oxygen on Mars thanks to plants all around the planet.

The developers are going to create several greenhouses on Mars, where colonists will be able to grow different agricultural crops and provide their selves with the fresh vegetables.



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