Brilliant light pillars over Canada

Beauty is around us. Timmy Joe Elzinga had a perfect opportunity to make sure that it is. The 6th of January at around 1.30 am he suddenly noticed some brilliant shafts of pastel-colored lights. Luckily he was an amateur photograph and could arrange camera settings in a few seconds and as a result got some great shots that now every second user in the internet has seen.

“I was in my bathroom when I saw these gorgeous beams of bright light. I thought these was the northern lights”, shares Joe Elzinga. He took his phoned and adjusted the time the aperture was open in 8 seconds.

Later he found out that what he had seen was the light pillar phenomenon. NASA said that ice from high altitudes explains the pillars. Flat ice pillars that normally reside up in the atmosphere get closer to the ground. In such a way they reflect the light from cars or other bits of civilization. The effect resembles something like crystal fog.

Unlike all halos in the space these pillars are not physically over the lights. They are just purely collected light beams towards your eyes or camera.

People often assume these lights for UFOs. For example, there were many reports on UFO due to the lights over Niagara Falls which in fact were the interaction of the descending water and the city’s many upward-facing spotlights.

NASA explains that the beams resemble so-called sun pillars, which appear as columns of light extending from the sun due to light reflecting off ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.

To make these amazing shots Timmy Elzinga tried few options. First, he opened the window and removed the screen. He also went outside to avoid motion blur. He even started his car and drove a little bit. However, he realised that the pillars could be best seen from his area of the town of Ontario. After 45 minutes of experiments he understood that the lights were too dim.

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